Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Product Available

The Incredible Fuel Tank Tamper is now on the market. After several years of research it is finally available to the public. The "FTT," as we call it here at our engineering lab, lets you compress the fuel in your tank so you can put in more! With a typical motorcycle fuel tank that holds 5 gallons, you can easily "tamp" it down and get a 6th gallon in there.

Check it out at Frank, the Real Biker.

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Anonymous said...

I've had my FTT on order for about three years, now (give or take 37 months -leap year, you know). How soon are you gonna ship it?
How about something for those traffic lights that don't see bikes? I'm not real sure about your bike waver neither. Is there any way to quickly retract it for scooters? I hate scooters; not as much as cars, trucks, and cops, but I don't like nobody nohow anyways. Keep up the good work and I'll beat a path to your door, no, that's mousetraps, build it and they will come Nah that's soccer or sump'in. You're one of my heroes,cause I saw you riding in your video real casual-like.