Friday, April 9, 2010

More helpful motorcycle videos and products in the works.

By popular demand, I have been urged to develop more utilitarian products for the "real biker" community. This weekend (April 10th and 11th) I will begin work on one or more new ideas. When they are available for viewing I will put them on the renowned Frank, the Real Biker website.

Several of my friends and acquaintances have offered suggestions for some of these new products. In their honor I will make sure to give them proper recognition. Some of the new items and equipment may be crucial to the operation of motorcycles, while others may be for more recreational activities such as drinking beer and posing.

Look for some new videos in a week.


Anonymous said...

WHAT A LIFESAVER!!! I will have to have one of these, how about a upgraded heavy duty STURGIS addition... Or a model that can retract on the fly... No REAL BIKER can be caught waving at some cage... Blub blub blub blu blub blub...

Anonymous said...

LMAO... Good stuff bro

Frank, the Real Biker said...

Thanks, Dirty Paw.

(Still trying to figure out how you got *that* nickname. hehehe)